Side Dishes for Raki (Mezzes)

Turkish Raki Mezes

Turkish people who drink Raki think that it shouldn’t be drunk without mezze. They think that drinking Raki is like a kind of art. If you drink Raki, you should have some mezzes which taste best together with it.

Tomato jam with hot pepper is one of these mezzes. It is easy to prepare and delicious. Another Raki mezze is Gavurdagi Salad made of tomatoes and onions minced in cubic pieces, chopped up green peppers and parsley. Minced nuts and olive oil are its additives.


Paradise Country Turkey : General Information About Turkey

Turkey About

As it is located between two continents, Europe and Asia, Anatolia has always been a cradle of civilizations and thus Turkey has a great cultural and historical heritage from these civilizations. It is possible to see ancient ruins in any part of Turkey. If you visit İstanbul, the former capital of Ottoman Empire, you can see historical monuments and structures built by Ottomans and Romans.


Kaputaş Beach

Kaputas Beach Turkey

Kaputaş Beach is on the coastal road between two cute towns of Antalya; Kaş and Kalkan. The beach, which is often titled as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, is covered by pebbles and the sea has a wide range of colors from light green to navy blue here. This stunning beach can be reached by walking from the coastal road down the stairs which has 187 steps.


Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee refers to the method of preparing coffee by boiling it in a pot called Cezve. This method is totally different from European or American coffee preparation style. Turkish coffee is the only coffee which is served with its grounds. That’s because that it is prepared by boiling coffee powder with sugar and water.


Butterfly Valley : A Fascinating Place

Buuterfly Valley Turkey

Butterfly Valley, which is located on the east side of Belceğiz Bay, is a meeting point for nature lovers with its pebbly beach and deep canyon. Since structuring is prohibited here in 1995, Butterfly Valley is a perfect place to enjoy nature with its blue and green colors.

The visitors can reach at Butterfly Valley by boats setting out from Ölüdeniz there times a day. Ölüdeniz, which depends on Fethiye County, is just 13 km away from Butterfly Valley. The other way to go to Butterfly Valley is to reach at Faralya Village and go along the pathway down to the beach.



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