Turkish Classical Music

Turkish Classical Music

Turkish Classical Music is one of the most interesting and oldest type of classical music in the world along with Indian Classical Music and Western Classical Music. So, what makes Turkish Classical Music one of the greatest of the world? First of all Turkish Classical Music dates back so old and has lots of important composer and musician. Turkish Classical Music has it’s highest point at the time of Ottomans and there were really great musicians and composers.


Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapi Palace Turkey

Imagine that you are a tourists and you travel Istanbul, one of the greatest city in the world. So, which place do you want to visit and see? Actually, there are lots of historical and great places in Istanbul, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Dolmabahçe Palace, Yildiz Palace etc. Topkapi Palace is also one of the greatest places in Istanbul. So, take a closer look to this great palace, Topkapi Palace.


How to Cook Turkish Ravioli - Turkish Manti Recipe

Turkish Manti


4 glasses of screened flour
2 eggs
125 grams of margarine
250 grams of minced meat
A bunch of parsley
An onion
2 glasses of yoghurt
Red pepper and garlic

Preparing Minced Meat:

Add small parts of onion, parsley, salt and a little black pepper, also add enough red pepper and knead it.

Preparing Sauce

Melt half a pack of the margarine and add a spoon of tomato paste, a little bit red pepper and salt, half of a little type of glass water. Boil it for 2 minutes. If you want, you may also add gravy.)

Cooking Ravioli


Kutahya Tile and Ceramic Art

Turkish Tiles

Tile and Ceramic is really hard materials and it’s also hard to form them. Kutahya tile and ceramic are really famous especially in Turkey. Kutahya not only produce these tiles and ceramics only for Turkey, also import them and lots of country have Kutahya tile and ceramic. The history of tile and ceramic really dates back very very old, it dates back about the 9.000 years ago. The tile and ceramic making in Kutahya started centuries ago and it has reached it’s top point about 14th century.



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