Marmaris : Trip to Paradise

Marmaris in Turkey

I want to start with the slogan of Marmaris Tourist’s Agency : “ Trip to Paradise.” Yes, Marmaris is heaven in world. Marmaris is in the borders of Turkish city Mugla. There are lots of touristic and historical places in Marmaris and every year lots of tourists from different parts of world come to Marmaris to visit and spend their holiday. Also, some people from different countries decide to settle in Marmaris after they see it.


A Cheap Holiday in Turkey

cheap holiday in turkey

Turkey is not only an ordinary country for many people, it’s also an open museum and Heaven on the earth. So, it’s one of the dreams of every traveller worldwide, visit aqdn spend at least 3 months in Turkey. But, the life conditions of Turkey is still doesn’t know by evetyone very well. Still there are many people who are asking about “whether Turkey is an expensive country or not?” and “ Is Turkey an expensive country for holiday?” Well, there isn’t a standart for these type of questions.



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