Secure Car Rental Tips in Istanbul

Rent a car in Turkey

If your trip will be the first airport hotel, car rental services can go with instead. So you'll be saving. You can buy car from the city ..

Carefully review the tool before you pick up the car and if you have any problems to the staff report. If you rent your car been involved in an accident, most companies come to their office you will want to fill out an accident report. We also obtain a police report will be to your advantage.


About Cappadocia - Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia in Turkey

Cappadocia region, the nature and history of the world's most beautiful is the place. Fair chimneys geographic events, historical processes, people, this fairy chimneys in houses and churches that have them decorated with frescoes and thousands of years old civilization to the present has followed. Paleolithic period of human settlement, along with the written history of Cappadocia begins Hitit. Colonies throughout the history of trade between countries, commercial and social hosts, and builds a bridge of Cappadocia, an important crossroads of the Silk Road.


Sweating, Massages, Exfoliation and Relaxing in Turkish Bath (Hammam)

Turkish Bath Hammam

Relaxation and exfoliation of the skin during a meeting in the Turkish bath. Discover all the benefits of steam and indulge in a session of total relaxation.

The benefits of steam were already known in ancient Egypt. Thus was born the Turkish bath which takes its name from the Eastern tradition of making steam bath in a real rite of cleansing the body.

In the West, Turkish bath, or hammam is also very popular thanks to its many virtues.



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