Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is a great and historical museum in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s very close to another great historical structure in Istanbul, Sultan Ahmet Mosque. There is no exact evidence when was Hagia Sophia was built and who built that great structure, but history experts think that Hagia Sophia was built before the year of 1000. Hagia Sophia had served as a church until Ottoman conquered the Istanbul city at 1453. After Ottomans conquered the Istanbul, Hagia Sophia was tuned into a mosque at the year of 1453 and it served as a mosque for several years.


Information Kusadasi in Aydin, Turkey

Kuşadası Guide in Turkey

Kusadasi is one of the most important tourism destinations of Turkey. It is inside of the borders of Aydin province. It’s very close to Aydin downtown and Izmir city, both of them are important tourism centers. Kusadasi provides two important features to it’s visitors : both history and fun. Kusadasi is famous with it’s clean and magnificent beaches. All in all, I can comfortably say that, Kusadasi has most important criteria which are important for tourists. The history of Kusadasi is not so exact, there are some information about that but it’s not so exact.


Turkish Simit

Turkish Simit Bagel

Turkish Simit, especially eaten with Turkish tea. Simit is generally served plain, or for breakfast to tea with jelly, jam or cheese. A simit (Turkish) is a circular bread with sesame seeds, very common in Turkey. The characteristics of simit (size, crunchiness/chewiness, etc.) tend to vary by region. In the city of İzmir, simit is known as "gevrek" (literally, 'crisp' in Turkish) although it is very similar to the Istanbul variety.

Simit is also known as "Turkish bagel" in the USA.


Turkish Nargile - Hookah

Turkish Nargile

Hookah is a traditional tobacco smoking device which was derived from Middle East and South Asia. Hookah (Turkish Nargile) is not only a device smoke, but also a part of culture for many countries. For example, in Turkey Hookah is really an old tradition and Turkish people have using Hookah for hundreds of years, so we can easily say Hookah is not only a device to smoke but also a part of Turkish culture and also very common in Turkey. You can see the Hookah at many touristic places and local places, and tourists coming from different countries find it different and interesting.



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