Safranbolu, Turkey

Safranbolu Turkey

Safranbolu falls in the northern region and  It is approximately 200 kilometers north from Ankara and 100 kilometers south of the famous black sea. This place is rich in historical and cultural heritage displays the excellence of The Turkish architectures.

One can see the traditional Turkish houses which reflect the beauty of Turkish art. The best time to come here is spring as the climate is the best during this time. A person can spend as much time as they want but will never be satisfied because there is so much to see in this place.


Trains in Turkey

Turkish Railways

Comfort, speed, and luxury, the Trains in Turkey have everything into them. One of the best rail services globally, the rail transport in the world the Turkish rail services are worth appreciating. Though it is considered that traveling but roads is much faster in Turkey, the services provided in the trains make them more preferable choice. With fully air conditioned coaches, personal cabins with beds to sleep, restaurants inside the train itself, and spacious enough to walk around; who would you think prefer to take the pain of driving?



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