Turkish Honorifics

Turkish Honorific

Expressions of respect used when addressing people in many parts of the world. There are also some honorifics in Turkish. Turkish honorific, names of people who usually comes first. For example, Bay Name, Bay Last Name, Bayan Name, Bayan Last name.

One of the most used expressions of respect "Sayin". For example, Sayın Last name etc. Expressions used in the past, of Turkish honorifics for the "Efendi", "Aga" include words like.


How to Get There From Istanbul to Ephesus?

Istanbul to Ephesus

Istanbul and Ephesus, Turkey's two beautiful places. Many tourists came to Turkey to Istanbul first, then going to other places. After the beaten track places from Istanbul to Ephesus. Way from Istanbul to Ephesus to go to the large number of alternative transportation is available.

Istanbul - Ephesus between distance, approximately 630 km. This way if you want to go by bus, you will find a large number of transport companies. When you go this route by bus, will take 8-9 hours.


Beautiful and Meaningful Turkish Girls Names

Turkish Girls Names

Turkish girls names are a very meaningful part of the culture of this country, mainly because most names used for girls can be readily accessed for meaning in the dictionary.  It means that most Turkish women have names that can be directly translated into significant words, unlike a majority of Christian names whose meanings are just derived.  While it is true that there are American women who are named Joy or Hope, they are really not a lot.  Most meanings of American and European names are from their original Greek or Latin root.


A Unique Dessert with Turkish Ice Cream (Dondurma)

Maraş Dondurması Turkish Ice Cream

Turkish ice cream is otherwise known in the native language as dondurma.  If it will be your first time to eat dondurma, you will immediately notice some stark differences between it and ice cream as it is known in most countries.  Dondurma is denser, more elastic and slower when it comes to melting compared to Western ice cream.  It is made up of a combination of milk, salep and mastic resin.  Mastic resin comes obviously from the mastic tree, an evergreen which comes from the family of pistachios.  On the other hand, salep is a kind of flour that is manufactured out of Turkish wild orchid



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