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4 Most Used Turkish Bread Types

Turkish Bread Types

Turkey has a great geographical location and this make its culture to be so wide. In Turkish food and cuisine culture breads have a special place. There are so many Turkish bread types but I will explain only just 4 of them.

1.Simit : Simit is a circular Turkish bread type used widely in breakfast served with a cup of tea. On the top of them you can find sesame seeds.

2.Mısır Ekmek (Cornbread) : It’s a Turkish bread type not used very much and its made from corn wheat.

3.Tas Firin Ekmegi :  This Turkish bread type is the most used in Turkey. It’s a normal bread baked in a stone oven.

4.Tandir Ekmegi : This is also a very familiar Turkish bread type. This is baked in a round oven called “Tandır” in Turkish.

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