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4 Examples About Turkey High Context Culture

Turkey High Context Culture

I came in Turkey in 2004 and first times I had it difficult to get used with high context culture in Turkey. Below I will write 4 examples about turkey high context culture and this way you can understand me better.

1.Time is flexible

For Turkish people  time is flexible so they are not punctual at all. They easily be late to somewhere.

2.Hierarchical roles

There is a hierarchy in family  and the rules are strict. Mostly the daddy’s will is an order for kids. Older people always know it better.

3.Being collective

Turkish people mostly are collective. They like to work in groups and not individual. But lastly this is changing in a drastic way I think.


In Turkey high context culture about fate is wide. Almost everyone believes in fate and they are too much bounded to religion. If something bad happens mostly they will say  just “fate”.

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